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Testudines [Chelonia, Testudinata]
   |  i. s.: Meiolania
   |           |--M. mackayi
   |           `--M. platyceps
   |         Pelodiscus sinensis
   |         Chelydra serpentina
   |           |--C. s. serpentina
   |           `--C. s. osceola
   |         Trionyx
   |           |--T. cariosus Cope 1875
   |           |--T. concentricus
   |           |--T. guttatus [incl. T. uintaensis]
   |           |--T. heteroglyptus
   |           |--T. leptomitus Cope 1875
   |           |--T. muticus
   |           |--T. radulus Cope 1875
   |           `--T. ventricosus Cope 1876
   |         Emydura
   |         Bothremys
   |         Podocnemis [Pelomedusidae]
   |           |--P. expansa
   |           |--P. sextuberculata
   |           `--P. unifilis
   |         Dermatemys [incl. Baptemys Leidy 1873]
   |           |--D. costilatus Cope 1875
   |           `--D. wyomingensis
   |         Plastomenus Cope 1872
   |           |--P. communis Cope 1875
   |           |--P. corrugatus Cope 1875
   |           |--P. fractus Cope 1875
   |           |--P. lachrymalis Cope 1874
   |           |--P. multifoveatus Cope 1872 [incl. P. catenatus Cope 1875]
   |           |--P. oedemius
   |           |--P. serialis Cope 1876
   |           |--P. thomasii
   |           `--P. trionychoides
   |         Baena arenosa
   |         Proganochelys
   |         Archelon
   |         Protostega gigas
   |         Pleurosternon bullocki
   |         Scaptochelys agassizii
   |         Eretmochelys imbricata (Linnaeus 1766)
   |         *Caretta caretta (Linnaeus 1758)
   |         Dermochelys coriacea
   |         Anglocetus beatsoni Tarlo 1964
   |         Kallokibotion bajazidi Nopcsa 1923
   |         Macroclemys temminckii
   |--Cheloniidae [Chelonioidea, Cryptodira]
   |    |  i. s.: Tasbacka Nessov 1987
   |    |           |--*T. aldabergeni Nessov 1987
   |    |           `--T. ouleabdounensis Tong & Hirayama 2002
   |    |         Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus 1758)
   |    |           |--C. m. mydas
   |    |           `--C. m. agassizi
   |    |         Lepidochelys
   |    |           |--L. kempii
   |    |           `--L. olivacea
   |    |         Catapleura ruhoffi Weems 1988
   |    |--Toxochelys [Toxochelyinae]
   |    |--Ctenochelys [Lophochelyinae]
   |    |--Osteopyginae
   |    |    |--Osteopygis emarginatus
   |    |    `--Erquelinnesia
   |    |         |--E. gosseleti
   |    |         `--E. planimenta
   |    `--Eochelyinae
   |         |--Argillochelys Lydekker 1889
   |         |--Puppigerus Cope 1871
   |         |    `--P. camperi
   |         `--Eochelone Dollo 1903
   |              `--E. brabantica
             |  i. s.: Siebenrockiella crassicollis
             |         Morenia
             |           |--M. ocellata
             |           `--M. petersi
             |         Orlitia borneoensis
             |         Kachuga
             |           |--*K. kachuga
             |           |--K. dhongokha
             |           |--K. smithii
             |           |--K. tecta
             |           `--K. tentoria
             |         Hieremys annandalii
             |         Hardella thurgi
             |         Chinemys
             |           |--C. megalocephala
             |           |--C. nigricans
             |           `--C. reevesi
             |         Ocadia sinensis
             |         Callagur borneoensis
             |         Geoclemmys hamiltoni
             |         Malayemys subtrijuga
             |         Sacalia
             |           |--S. beali
             |           `--S. quadriocellata
             |         Notochelys platynota
             |         Cyclemys
             |           |--C. dentata
             |           |--C. oldhamii
             |           |--C. pulchristriata [incl. C. atripons Iverson & McCord 1997]
             |           `--C. tcheponensis
             |         Rhinoclemmys
             |           |--R. annulata
             |           |--R. areolata
             |           |--R. diademata
             |           |--R. funerea
             |           |--R. melanosterna
             |           |--R. nasuta
             |           |--R. pulcherrima
             |           |--R. punctularia
             |           `--R. rubida
             |         Annamemys annamensis
             |         Pyxidea mouhotii
             |         Cistoclemmys
             |           |--C. flavomarginata
             |           `--C. galbinifrons
             |         Gopherus
             |           |--G. agassizii
             |           |--G. berlandieri
             |           `--G. polyphemus
             |         Indotestudo
             |           |--I. elongata
             |           |--I. forsteni
             |           `--I. travancorica
             |         Chelonoidis
             |           |--C. carbonaria
             |           |--C. chilensis
             |           |--C. denticulata
             |           `--C. nigra
             |         Asterochely radiata
             |         Malacochersus tornieri
             |         Pyxis arachnoides
             |         Chersina angulata
             |         Homopus areolatus
             |         Psammobates
             |           |--P. geometricus
             |           |--P. oculifer
             |           `--P. tentorius
             |         Kinixys
             |           |--K. belliana
             |           |--K. erosa
             |           `--K. homeana
             |         Manouria
             |           |--M. emys
             |           `--M. impressa
Hybrids: Ocadia glyphistoma McCord & Iverson 1994 [=O. sinensis × Mauremys annamensis]
         Ocadia philippeni McCord & Iverson 1992 [=O. sinensis × Cuora trifasciata]
         Sacalia pseudocellata Iverson & McCord 1992 [=Cuora trifasciata × S. quadriocellata]

* Type species of genus indicated

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Avise, J. C., J. Arnold, R. M. Ball, E. Bermingham, T. Lamb, J. E. Neigel, C. A. Reeb & N. C. Saunders. 1987. Intraspecific phylogeography: The mitochondrial DNA bridge between population genetics and systematics. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 18: 489-522.

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Pereda Suberbiola, X., & P. Taquet. 1999. Restes de Rhabdodon (dinosaure ornithopode) de Transylvanie donnés par Nopcsa au Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle de Paris. Geodiversitas 21 (2): 157-166.

Rodriguez-de la Rosa, R. A. 2003. Pterosaur tracks from the latest Campanian Cerro del Pueblo Formation of sputheastern Coahuila, Mexico. In Evolution and Palaeobiology of Pterosaurs (E. Buffetaut & J.-M. Mazin, eds.) Geological Society Special Publications 217: 275-282. The Geological Society: London.

Tong, H., & R. Hirayama. 2002. A new species of Tasbacka (Testudines: Cryptodira: Cheloniidae) from the Paleocene of the . Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie Monatshefte 2002 (5): 277-294.

Walker, D., & J. C. Avise. 1998. Principles of phylogeography as illustrated by freshwater and terrestrial turtles in the southeastern United States. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 29: 23-58.

Worthy, T. H., & R. N. Holdaway. 2002. The Lost World of the Moa: Prehistoric life of New Zealand. Indiana University Press: Bloomington (Indiana).



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