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Colini (see below for synonymy)
   |--Chrysodomus Swainson 1840 BR05
   |--Pyramimitra Conrad 1865 [Pyramimitridae] BR05
   |--Truncaria Adams & Reeve 1850 [Truncariinae] BR05
   |--Metajapelion Goryachev 1987 [Metajapelioninae] BR05
   |--Pomahakia Finlay 1927 F27b
   |    `--*P. aberrans Finlay 1927 [=Fusus plicatilis Hutton 1873 non Wood 1848] F27b
   |--Microcolus M54
   |    |--M. dunkeri M54
   |    `--M. lincolnensis M54
   |--Colus Röding 1798 BR05
   |    |--C. bensoni A27
   |    |--C. delicatulus [=Verconella delicatula] F27a
   |    |--C. kaunhoweni Finlay 1927 [=Fusus bicinctus Kaunhowen 1898 non Hutton 1873] F27b
   |    |--C. solidus A27
   |    |--‘Columbarium’ suteri Smith 1915 F27a
   |    `--C. teschi Finlay 1927 [=Latirus fusiformis Tesch 1915 non Hoernes & Auinger 1891] F27b
   |--Verconella Iredale 1914 P27 [incl. Penion (preoc.) F27b]
   |    |  i. s.: V. crawfordi (Hutton 1873) [=Fusus crawfordi] F27a
   |    |         V. inflata (Hutton 1873) [=Buccinum inflatum] F27a
   |    |--+--V. adusta P27
   |    |  |    |--V. a. adusta P27
   |    |  |    `--V. a. mandarinoides Powell 1927 P27
   |    |  `--V. mandarina [=Siphonalia mandarina] P27
   |    `--+--+--*V. dilatata (Quoy & Gaimard 1833) P27, F27a [=Fusus dilatatus P27, *Penion dilatatus F27b]
   |       |  |    |--V. d. dilatata P27
   |       |  |    |--V. d. cuvieriana Powell 1927 P27
   |       |  |    |--V. d. rex Finlay 1927 F27b
   |       |  |    `--V. d. rotunda Powell 1927 P27
   |       |  `--V. elongata Powell 1927 P27
   |       `--V. ormesi Powell 1927 P27
   `--Neptunea Röding 1798 BR05
        |--N. alaskana (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) alaskanus] O27
        |--N. avalonensis (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) avalonensis] O27
        |--N. bentleyi (Dall 1908) [=Trophon (Neptunea) bentleyi] O27
        |--N. beringi (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) beringi] O27
        |--N. callicerata (Dall 1919) [=Trophon (Neptunea) callicerata] O27
        |--N. cepula (Sowerby 1880) [=Trophon (Neptunea) cepulus] O27
        |--N. cymata (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) cymatus] O27
        |--N. dalli (Kobelt 1878) [=Trophon (Neptunea) dalli, T. muriciformis Dall in Kobelt 1878 (n. n.)] O27
        |    |--N. d. dalli O27
        |    `--N. d. alta (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) dalli alta] O27
        |--N. disparilis (Dall 1891) [=Trophon (Neptunea) disparilis] O27
        |--N. elegantula (Dall 1907) [=Trophon (Neptunea) elegantulus] O27
        |--N. eucymata (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) eucymata] O27
        |--N. ithitoma (Dall 1919) [=Trophon (Neptunea) ithitoma] O27
        |--N. macouni (Dall 1910) [=Trophon (Neptunea) macouni] O27
        |--N. multicostata (Eschscholtz 1829) [=Trophon (Neptunea) multicostatus] O27
        |--N. orpheus (Gould 1849) [=Trophon (Neptunea) orpheus] O27
        |--N. pacifica (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) pacificus] O27
        |--N. peregrina (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) peregrinus] O27
        |--N. rotundata (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) rotundatus] O27
        |--N. scitula (Dall 1891) [=Trophon (Neptunea) scitulus] O27
        |--N. smithi (Dall 1902) [=Trophon (Neptunea) smithi] O27
        |--N. staphylina (Dall 1919) [=Trophon (Neptunea) staphylinus] O27
        `--N. stuarti (Smith 1880) [=Trophon (Neptunea) stuarti] O27

Nomen nudum: Colus modestus A27

Colini [Chrysodomidae, Chrysodominae, Colidae, Colinae, Colusina, Neptuneidae, Neptuneinae, Neptuniidae, Neptuniinae, Verconellidae]

* Type species of generic name indicated

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[A27] Allan, R. S. 1927. The geology and palaeontology of the Lower Waihao Basin, south Canterbury, New Zealand. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 265-309.

[BR05] Bouchet, P., J.-P. Rocroi, J. Frýda, B. Hausdorf, W. Ponder, Á. Valdés & A. Warén. 2005. Classification and nomenclator of gastropod families. Malacologia 47 (1-2): 1-397.

[F27a] Finlay, H. J. 1927a. A further commentary on New Zealand molluscan systematics. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 320-485.

[F27b] Finlay, H. J. 1927b. New specific names for austral Mollusca. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 488-533.

[M54] Macpherson, J. H. 1954. Molluscs (sea shells and snails). In The Archipelago of the Recherche (J. M. Willis, ed.) pp. 55-63. Australian Geographical Society: Melbourne.

[O27] Oldroyd, I. S. 1927. The Marine Shells of the West Coast of North America vol. II, pt. II. Stanford University Press: Stanford University (California).

[P27] Powell, A. W. B. 1927. Variation of the molluscan genus Verconella with descriptions of new recent species. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute 57: 549-558.


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