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Linnaean Hierarchy Local Cladogram

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: "Protista"
Phylum: Amoebozoa
Class: Tubulina
Order: Arcellinida
Family: Difflugiidae
Genus: Difflugia

There area number of species, including both recent and exctint forms. Some recent species listed in Phylogeny section

See Phylogeny section

Author: LeClerc, 1815
Stratigraphic Range: Early Cretaceous (needs to be confirmed) to Recent.
Geographic Range: Worldwide?
Environment: Freshwater
Ecology: Unicelluar bottom-living microorganism, build protective test



Difflugia is one of several genera of Amoebozoa that produce shells or tests from granules of sand. These are swallowed by the cell and during the process of budding or fission they pass into the daughter, where they are joined by organic cement. The test has a single terminal opening. Difflugia are particularly common in marshes.


<==Difflugia [Difflugiidae, Difflugiina]
  |--D. acuminata
  |    |--D. a. acuminata
  |    `--D. a. curvata
  |--D. elegans
  |    |--D. e. elegans
  |    `--D. e. bicornis
  |--D. globularis
  |--D. globulosa
  |--D. globulus
  |--D. lucida
  |--D. oblongata
  |--D. penardi
  |--D. pristis
  |--D. submarina Chardez & Thomas 1980
  `--D. subterranea Golemansky 1970 [incl. D. s. var. inflata Decloître 1975]


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Credits: phylogeny and references CKT061001 ; description Wikipedia (GNU Free Documentation License) / Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition (public domain), copied to Palaeos org and menu addedd MAK061002

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