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Parent Clade: Pachyosteomorphi
Bruntonichthys | Bullerichthys | Dinichthys | Dunkleosteus | Eastmanosteus | Gorgonichthys | Hadrosteus | Heintzichthys | Holdenius | Hussakofia | Kianyousteus | Squamatognathus

This giant armoured skull is attributed to Dinichthys (Brachythoraci, Coccosteina, Dinichthyloidea, Dinichthyidae) but may belong to Dunkleosteus. - Famennian Age, Late Devonian

Dinicthys is a genus of giant placoderm that may or may not be the same as Dunkleosteus.

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List of species

Most species have been transferred to other genera

  • Dinichthys canadensis [nomen dubium, type lost] [Hanke, Stewart & Lammers, 1996]
  • Dinichthys herzeri
  • Dinichthys ohioensis
  • Dinichthys precursor
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