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Order Foraminifera
Suborder Fusulinina
Superfamily Earlandiacea

Earlandiacea: test consists of a proloculus followed by an undivided, tubular second chamber. U. Silurian ( Ludlovian) - U Permian. Divided into the U Silurian - U Permian Earlandiidae with free, tubular, non-septate tests, not to be confused with the Nodosinellacean family Earlandinitidae; Devonian - L Permian Pseudoammodiscidae in whcih the proloculus is followed by a planispiral, trochospiral, or streptospirally coiled tubular chamber; and the L-M Carboniferous Pseudolituatubidae with is single genus.

The Earlandiidae contains three recognised genera; Aeolisaccus, Earlandia, and Gigasbia. Among the Pseudoammodiscidae Brunsia and Brunsiella start of streptosiral but end up planispiral while Pseudoglamospira is streptospirally coiled throughout. Pseudoammodiscus has a planispirally coiled second chamber following the proloculus with Qusilituotuba being somewhat similar except for perhaps being slightly streptospiral and becoming uncoiled. Turrispiroides is a low trochospirally coiled genus and Warnantella has an irrelularly and assymetrically coiled, or zigzag tubular second chamber. Pseudolituotuba, sole genus of the Pseudolituotubidae has a streptospirally irregularly coiled test, either attached to a narrow support or encrusting

Genera included in the Earlandiacea were previously placed in the Earlaniinae, a subfamily in the Moravamminidae, a family in the Parathuramminacea as previously conceived.


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