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may not be the only in the capable of coding for .<ref name="AstroDNA"> </ref>
This page incorporates material from which is available under the terms of the . Wikipedia url for material on this page:

Astrobiology (other terms have been exobiology, exopaleontology, and bioastronomy) is the study of the origin, , distribution, and future of in the . This field encompasses the search for habitable environments in our and outside our Solar System, the search for evidence of , and other bodies in our Solar System, laboratory and field research into the origins and early evolution of , and studies of the potential for life to adapt to challenges on and in space.<ref name="about"> </ref>

Astrobiology makes use of , , , , , , and , as well as to speculate about the nature of possible life on other worlds and help recognize that might be quite different from the Earth's.<ref></ref><ref></ref> However, astrobiology concerns itself with an interpretation of existing scientific data; given more detailed and reliable data from other parts of the Universe, the roots of astrobiology itself —, , — may have their theoretical bases challenged. Much speculation is entertained in the field to give context, and astrobiology concerns itself primarily with that fit firmly into existing .

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generic viagra quality

It is not known whether life elsewhere in the Universe would utilize cell structures like those found on Earth. ( within plant cells shown here.)<ref> </ref>
The shows microscopic formations that may have been created by life.

The etymology of astrobiology comes from , astron, "constellation, star"; , bios, "life"; and , , study. Although astrobiology is an emerging field and still a developing subject, the question of whether exists elsewhere in the is a verifiable hypothesis and thus a valid line of inquiry. , a planetary scientist, calls astrobiology a field of natural philosophy, grounding speculation on the unknown, in known scientific theory.<ref></ref><ref></ref> Though once considered outside the mainstream of scientific inquiry, astrobiology has become a formalized field of study. funded its first astrobiology project in 1959 and established an astrobiology program in 1960.<ref name="about" /><ref>The Living Universe: NASA and the Development of Astrobiology, by Steven J. Dick and James E. Strick, Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, NJ, 2004</ref> NASA’s to Mars, launched in 1976, included designed to look for possible signs of life. In 1971, funded the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence () to survey the to detect the existence of from a civilization on a distant planet.</br>

In the 21st century, astrobiology is a focus of a growing number of NASA and Solar System exploration missions. The first European workshop on astrobiology took place in May 2001 in Italy,<ref> </ref> and the outcome was the .<ref> Science | 1 June 2001 | Vol. 292 | no. 5522 pp. 1626 - 1627 | | DOI: 10.1126/science.292.5522.1626</ref> Currently, NASA hosts the and a growing number of universities in the United States (e.g., , , and ), Britain (e.g., The <ref name=""></ref>), Canada, and Ireland now offer graduate degree programs in astrobiology.

A particular focus of current astrobiology research is the search for life on due to its proximity to Earth and geological history. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that Mars has previously had a considerable amount of on its surface, water being considered to be an essential precursor to the development of carbon-based life.<ref name="autogenerated1"></ref>

Missions specifically designed to search for life include the and probes, both directed to Mars. The Viking results were inconclusive,<ref></ref> and Beagle 2 failed to transmit from the surface and is assumed to have crashed.<ref> </ref> A future mission with a strong astrobiology role would have been the , designed to study the frozen moons of Jupiter—some of which may have liquid water—had it not been cancelled. Currently, the is probing the environment for past and present of , and to research the history of water there. In 2009, NASA plans to launch the rover which will continue the search for past or present life on using a variety of scientific instruments.

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generic viagra quality

When looking for life on other planets, some simplifying assumptions are useful to reduce the size of the task of astrobiologist. One is to assume that the vast majority of life forms in our galaxy are based on , as are all life forms on Earth.<ref> </ref> While it is possible that exists, carbon is well known for the unusually wide variety of that can be formed around it.

This chart shows where life might exist on extrasolar planets based on our own and life on .

The presence of liquid water is a useful assumption, as it is a common molecule and provides an excellent environment for the formation of complicated carbon-based molecules that could eventually lead to the emergence of life.<ref> </ref> Some researchers posit environments of , or more likely water-ammonia mixtures.<ref> </ref> These environments are considered suitable for carbon or noncarbon-based life, while opening more temperature ranges (and thus worlds) for life.

A third assumption is to focus on -like . This comes from the idea of . <ref> </ref> Very big stars have relatively short lifetimes, meaning that life would not likely have time to evolve on orbiting them. Very small stars provide so little heat and warmth that only planets in very close orbits around them would not be frozen solid, and in such close orbits these planets would be tidally "locked" to the star.<ref> </ref> Without a thick , one side of the planet would be perpetually baked and the other perpetually frozen. In 2005, the question was brought back to the attention of the , as the long lifetimes of could allow some biology on planets with thick atmospheres. This is significant, as red dwarfs are extremely common. (See ).

It is estimated that 10% of the stars in our galaxy are sun-like; There are about a thousand such stars within 100 light-years of our . These stars would be useful for interstellar listening. Since Earth is the only planet known to harbor , there is no evident way to know if any of the simplifying assumptions are correct.

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Artist's impression of the orbiting its star 20,000 from ; this planet was discovered with gravitational microlensing.
The planned for the search of

Most astronomy-related astrobiological research falls into the category of (exoplanet) detection, the hypothesis being that if life arose on Earth, then it could also arise on other planets with similar characteristics. To that end, a number of instruments designed to detect Earth-like exoplanets are under development, most notably 's (TPF) and programs. Additionally, NASA plans to launch the in March 2009, and the has already launched the space mission in 2006.<ref> </ref><ref> </ref> There are also several less ambitious ground-based efforts underway. (See ).

The goal of these missions is not only to detect Earth-sized planets, but also to directly detect light from the planet so that it may be studied . By examining planetary spectra, it would be possible to determine the basic composition of an extrasolar planet's atmosphere and/or surface; given this knowledge, it may be possible to assess the likelihood of life being found on that planet. A NASA research group, the Virtual Planet Laboratory,<ref> </ref> is using computer modeling to generate a wide variety of virtual planets to see what they would look like if viewed by TPF or Darwin. It is hoped that once these missions come online, their spectra can be cross-checked with these virtual planetary spectra for features that might indicate the presence of life. The temporal variability of extrasolar planets may also provide clues to their surface and atmospheric properties.

An estimate for the number of planets with intelligent extraterrestrial life can be gleaned from the , essentially an equation expressing the probability of intelligent life as the product of factors such as the fraction of planets that might be habitable and the fraction of planets on which life might arise:<ref> </ref>: N = R^{*} ~ \times ~ f_{p} ~ \times ~ n_{e} ~ \times ~ f_{l} ~ \times ~ f_{i} ~ \times ~ f_{c} ~ \times ~ L</br> where, N = The number of communicative civilizations, R* = The rate of formation of suitable stars (stars such as our Sun), fp = The fraction of those stars with planets. (Current evidence indicates that planetary systems may be common for stars like the Sun), ne = The number of Earth-like worlds per planetary system, fl = The fraction of those Earth-like planets where life actually develops, fi = The fraction of life sites where intelligence develops, fc = The fraction of communicative planets (those on which electromagnetic communications technology develops), L = The "lifetime" of communicating civilizations.

However, whilst the rationale behind the equation is sound, it is unlikely that the equation will be constrained to reasonable error limits any time soon. The first term, Number of Stars, is generally constrained within a few orders of magnitude. The second and third terms, Stars with Planets and Planets with Habitable Conditions, are being evaluated for the sun's neighborhood. Another associated topic is the , which suggests that if intelligent life is common in the , then there should be obvious signs of it. This is the purpose of projects like , which tries to detect signs of radio transmissions from intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations.

Another active research area in astrobiology is formation. It has been suggested that the peculiarities of our (for example, the presence of as a protective shield<ref> </ref>) may have greatly increased the probability of intelligent life arising on our planet.<ref> </ref><ref> </ref>No firm conclusions have been reached so far.


are able to support on and may also support life in other parts of the cosmos.

(organisms able to survive in extreme environments) are a core research element for astrobiologists. Such organisms include able to survive kilometers below the ocean's surface near and that thrive in highly acidic environments. <ref> </ref> Characterization of these organisms—their environments and their evolutionary pathways—is considered a crucial component to understanding how life might evolve elsewhere in the Universe. Recently, a number of astrobiologists have teamed up with marine biologists and geologists to search for extremophiles and other organisms living around hydrothermal vents on the floors of Earth's oceans. Scientists hope to use their findings to help them create hypotheses on whether life could potentially exist on certain moons in our own solar system, such as .<ref name=galileo /><ref> </ref><ref></ref><ref></ref><ref> </ref>

The , distinct from the , is another ongoing field of research. and postulated that the conditions on the early Earth were conducive to the formation of organic compounds from inorganic precursors and thus to the formation of many of the chemicals common to all forms of life we see today. The study of this process, known as , has made some progress, but it is still unclear whether or not life could have formed in such a manner on Earth. The alternative theory of is that the first elements of life may have formed on another planet with even more favorable conditions (or even in interstellar space, asteroids, etc.) and then have been carried over to Earth by a variety of means. See .


is a discipline concerned with the of the such as the and their , , , and . The information gathered by this discipline allows the measure of a 's or a 's potential to develop and sustain , or .

An additional discipline of astrogeology is , which involves study of the composition of the and other , chemical processes and reactions that govern the composition of and , the cycles of matter and energy and their interaction with the and the of the planet. Specializations include , and .

The provides the oldest known evidence for .<ref> </ref> By examining this evidence, are able to understand better the types of organisms that arose on the early Earth. Some regions on Earth, such as the in and the of Antarctica, are also considered to be geological analogs to regions of Mars, and as such, might be able to provide clues on how to search for past .

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, due to the ocean that exists under its icy surface, might host some form of .

The three most likely candidates for life in the solar system (besides Earth) are the planet , the Jovian moon , and Saturn's moon .<ref name=Europa> </ref><ref name=EuroUpdate> </ref><ref> </ref><ref> </ref><ref name="Titan1"></ref> This speculation is primarily based on the fact that (in the cases of Mars and Europa) the may have liquid water, a molecule essential for life as we know it, for its use as a in cells.<ref name="autogenerated1"/> Water on Mars is found in its polar ice caps, and newly carved gullies recently observed on suggest that liquid water may exist, at least transiently, on the planet's surface,<ref></ref><ref></ref> and possibly in subsurface environments such as as well. At the Martian low temperatures and low pressure, liquid water is likely to be highly saline.<ref> </ref> As for Europa, liquid water likely exists beneath the moon's icy outer crust.<ref name=Europa /><ref name=EuroUpdate /><ref name=galileo > </ref> This water may be warmed to a liquid state by volcanic vents on the ocean floor (an especially intriguing theory considering the various types of extremophiles that live near Earth's volcanic vents), but the primary source of heat is probably .<ref></ref>

Another that could potentially sustain extraterrestrial life is largest moon, .<ref name="Titan1"/> Titan has been described as having conditions similar to those of early Earth.<ref></ref> On Titan, scientists have discovered the first liquid lakes outside of Earth, but they seem to be composed of and/or , not water.<ref></ref> After Cassini data was studied, it was reported on March 2008 that the oceans in Titan may be composed of liquid and .<ref></ref> Additionally, Saturn's moon may have an ocean below its icy surface.<ref></ref>

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The systematic search for possible life outside of Earth is a valid multidisciplinary scientific endeavor.<ref></ref> The , UK, started just such a degree in 2006,<ref name=""/> and the American government funds the . However, characterization of non-Earth life is unsettled; hypotheses and predictions as to its existence and origin vary widely, but at the present, the development of theories to inform and support the exploratory search for life may be considered astrobiology's most concrete practical application.

and , amongst others, consider separate from astrobiology. Cohen and Stewart stipulate that astrobiology is the search for Earth-like life outside of our solar system and say that xenobiologists are concerned with the possibilities open to us once we consider that life need not be carbon-based or oxygen-breathing, so long as it has the defining . (See ).

As with all , there is the classic argument that there is still a lot more scientists have to learn about . Critics of astrobiology may prefer that public funding remain dedicated towards searching for unknown species in our own terrestrial . They feel that Earth is the most plausible and practical region to search for and study life.

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Asteroid(s) may have transported life to .

As of 2008, no proof of extraterrestrial life has been identified. Examination of the meteorite, which was recovered in in 1984 and believed to have originated from , is thought by some scientists to house of extraterrestrial origin; this interpretation is controversial.<ref name=disbelief></ref><ref name="life">McKay, David S., et al (1996) . , Vol. 273. no. 5277, pp. 924 - 930. URL accessed March 18, 2006.</ref><ref></ref>


In 2004, the spectral signature of was detected in the Martian atmosphere by both Earth-based telescopes as well as by the probe. Because of and , methane is predicted to disappear from the Martian atmosphere within several years, so the gas must be actively replenished in order to maintain the present concentration.<ref name="results"> </ref><ref name="fourier-spec"> (ESA, Mars Express)</ref> The rover will perform precision measurements of oxygen and carbon ratios in carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) in the in order to distinguish between a and a origin.<ref name="SAM"></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>

Planetary systems

It is possible that some planets, like the gas giant in our , may have moons with solid surfaces or liquid oceans that are more hospitable. Most of the planets so far discovered outside our solar system, are hot gas giants thought to be inhospitable to life, so it is not yet known whether our solar system, with a warm, rocky, metal-rich inner planet such as Earth, is of an aberrant composition. Improved detection methods and increased observing time will undoubtedly discover more planetary systems, and possibly some more like ours. For example, 's seeks to discover Earth-sized planets around other stars by measuring minute changes in the star's as the planet passes between the star and the spacecraft. Progress in and has revealed the constituents of other . Infrared searches have detected belts of dust and around distant stars, underpinning the formation of planets.

Planetary habitability

Efforts to answer questions such as the abundance of potentially habitable planets in and chemical precursors, have had much success. Numerous have been detected using the and transit method, showing that planets around other are more numerous than previously postulated. The first Earth-like extrasolar planet to be discovered within its star's habitable zone is , which was found using .<ref name="Gliese"></ref>

Research into the environmental limits of life and the workings of extreme is also ongoing, enabling researchers to predict what planetary environments might be most likely to harbor life. Missions such as the , , to Mars, the to moon , and the "Ice Clipper" mission to moon , hope to further explore the possibilities of life on other in our .

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generic viagra quality

generic viagra quality

  • The , published by , is the forum for practitioners in this interdisciplinary field.
  • , published by , is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the origins of life, evolution, distribution, and destiny in the universe.

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