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This section covers mainly the mammals, together with the . One of the major problems in this area is Dr. Thomas Rich. That is, everyone else seems fairly happy with the current arrangement, save that Dr. Rich keeps finding jaw bones that look for all the world like mammal () bones, but are (a) older than any placental mammal ought to be and (b) located in Australia -- a -free zone. Rich et al. (2001). The (now) conventional wisdom is that the characterstic "" of mammals evolved twice and that Dr. Rich's specimens are the results of convergent evolution in some monotreme ancestors, , and not placentals misplaced in time and space, . Luo et al. (2001a); Luo et al. (2002). With the unyeilding commitment to principled choice which characterizes our commentary, we have used both terms. This reflects the fact that, while we officially think Dr. Rich is wrong, we also have a sneaking suspiscion that he may be right. In either event, we are now completely prepared to claim that we supported the winner all along, no matter who may prevail.

The following is a condensed reminder of some of the many changes from basal to basal mammals. Beyond this level, there appears to be an unreasonable amount of disagreement on the phylogenetic branching order. I have recently seen two completely different published phylogenies of basal mammals, both in standard texts, and both of which purported to rely on exactly the same reference!

1. Metabolic rate: transition to more or less full inferred from geographic range, nocturnal habit, etc.
2. : increase in size; confluence with .
3. : development; replacement of jaw by as principal jaw muscle; greatly increased capacity for oral processing of food.
4. Lower jaw: becomes only significant element of ; development of ; reduction of post-dentary elements; of ; dentary- jaw articulation. See infra, ear.
5. Dentition: development of dentition with , , and molars; "permanent" () teeth with ; increasingly fixed pattern of ; definite .
6. Palate: full .
7. Ear: of the angular (); retroarticular process of ; conversion of post-dentary bones to sensory use in middle ear. Reflected lamina may have been resonating chamber, followed by development of framed by increasingly small and gracile reflected lamina and/or retroarticular process.
8. : pineal foramen initially becomes more conspicuous, then recedes and is lost.
9. Skull table: development of with muscular attachment on outside of .
10. Braincase: and spread downward to cover braincase, gradually replacing (in advanced mammals) while providing muscle attachment on lateral (formerly dorsal) surface; changes from pillar supporting parietal and braincase to element of skull, continuous with parietal, and (fused ). Brain size does not increase relative to .
11. Skull fusions: fusion of parietals and , otic capsule, , numerous other elements in ; loss of dermal bones, e.g. post-orbitals.
12. Skull attachment: double , move ventrally, development of mammalian circular form.
13. Spine: loss of (reversed in advanced & lost again in Mammalia); increase in number of (??); reduction of tail; vertebral articulations changed to accommodate dorsoventral undulation; vertebrae (flat on both ends), implying loss of remnants (?).
14. Limb girdles: reduction (e.g. , ) or loss of ventral elements; more vertical orientation of limbs.
15. Limbs: more vertical orientation; elongation of & ; digits shorter; .
16. Integument: fur?; mammalian muzzle
17. Habit: primitively large carnivores; great reduction in size; development of omnivorous and herbivorous adaptations.

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Mammalia: Crown group mammals, i.e. Knuckles the Echidna + Suleiman the Magnificent.

Range: from the Middle .

Phylogeny:  : + * : + ( + ( + )).

Characters: $? dentary condyle above the postcanine alveolar level [L+01]; $? ventral ridge present [L+01]; $ overhanging medial ridge above the post dentary trough absent [L+01]; $ angular process of the dentary absent [L+01]; "reversed triangle" molar pattern (primitive); $? molar interlocking absent [L+01] (reversal -- doubtful); lower teeth: $? ultimate premolar cusp a with symmetrical outline (lateral view) [L+01]; $ ultimate premolar cingulid cuspule 'd' present (= hypoconulid?) [L+01]; $? acute trigonid angle with b/paraconid positioned more lingually [L+01]; $ b/paraconid & c/metaconid roughly equal in height [L+01]; $? well-advanced jaw rotation during the occlusion [L+01].

Note: those venturing further into mammals may wish to refer to the discussion of .

References: Luo et al. (2001a) [L+01].

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Mammalia [Marsupionta, Symmetrodonta, Tribosphenida]
   |  `--Shuotherium Chow & Rich 1982 [Shuotheridia, Shuotheriidae, Yinotheria]
   |       |--*S. dongi Chow & Rich 1982
   |       |--S. kermacki Sigogneau-Russell 1998
   |       `--S. shilongi Wang et al. 1998
      |--Volaticotherium Meng, Hu et al. 2006 [Volaticotheria, Volaticotheriidae]
      |    `--*V. antiquum Meng, Hu et al. 2006 [=V. antiquus]
      `--+--Tinodon Marsh 1879 [incl. Eurylambda Simpson 1929, Tinodontidae]
                           |--Ferugliotherium [Ferugliotheriidae]

Mammalia incertae sedis:

   |--A. conicus Xu 1976
   `--A. lophodontus Xu 1976
 Advenimus hupeiensis Dawson et al. 1984
 Hohomys lii Hu 1995
 Anatolostylops dubius
 Motheretus telhebresus
 Nguruwe kijivium
 Dzungariotherium orgosense
 Alloptox minor
   |--M. minor
   |    |--M. m. minor
   |    `--M. m. debruijni
   `--M. sinensis
 Protalactaga tunggurensis
 Sayimys obliquidens
 Dinocrocuta gigantea
   |--A. fuguensis
   |--A. hezhengensis
   |--A. palaeosinensis
   `--A. tsaidamensis
 Pararhizomys hipparionum
 Iranotherium morgani
 Honanotherium schlosseri
 Parataxidea sinensis
 Adcrocuta variabilis
 Cervavitus novorossiae
 Euroscaptor mizura (Günter 1880)
   |--E. m. mizura
   `--E. m. ohtai (Imaizumi 1955)
 Acanthonotus Goldfuss 1809
   |--H. occidentalis
   `--H. primaevus
 Paraglirulus werenfelsi
 Glirudinus undosus
 Spermophilinus bredai
 Albanensia albanensis
 Euprox furcatus
 Tapiravus polkensis
 Hsiuannania maguensis
 Wanotherium xuanchengensis
 Yingabalanara Archer, Every et al. 1990 [Yingabalanaridae]
   `--*Y. richardsoni Archer, Every et al. 1990
 Pseudostoma Say 1823 [=Pseudotoma (l. c.) non Bellardi 1875]
 Spinigera Lesson 1842
 Nothodectes gidleyi Matthew 1917
 Picrodus silberlingi Douglass 1908
 Megopterna minuta Douglass 1908
   |--C. brevicaudatus
   `--C. maculatus [incl. C. m. var. ochropus]
 Ericulus spinosus

* Type species of generic name indicated

viagra with prescription

Bouchet, P., J.-P. Rocroi, J. Frýda, B. Hausdorf, W. Ponder, Á. Valdés & A. Warén. 2005. Classification and nomenclator of gastropod families. Malacologia 47 (1-2): 1-397.

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