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Jump to: ,
Polyporaceae [Ganodermatales, Perenniporiales]
   |  i. s.: Irpex
   |           |--I. hydnoides Lim & Jung 2003
   |           `--I. lacteus
   |         Australohydnum
   |           |--*A. griseofuscescens
   |           `--A. dregeanum [incl. Irpex vellereus]
   |         Coriolopsis rigida
   |         Dichomitus cavernulosus
   |         Earliella scabrosa
   |         Flabellophora obovata
   |         Fomitella supina
   |         Hexagonia hydnoides
   |         Microporellus dealbatus
   |         Nigroporus vinosus
   |         Porogramme
   |           |--P. albocincta
   |           `--P. graphica
   |         Rigidoporus
   |           |--R. lineatus
   |           |--R. microporus
   |           |--R. ulmarius
   |           `--R. vinctus
   |         Tinctoporellus epimiltinus
   |         Wrightoporia tropicalis
   |         Phlebia albida
   |         Phaeotrametes Wright 1966 [Phaeotrametaceae]
   |           `--P. decipiens (Berk.) Wright 1966 (see below for synonymy)
   |         Pachykytosporaceae
   |--+--+--+--Neolentiporus maculatissimus
   |  |  |  `--+--‘Antrodia’ serialis
   |  |  |     `--+--Daedalea
   |  |  |        |    |--D. quercina
   |  |  |        |    `--D. sprucei
   |  |  |        `--+--Piptoporus betulinus
   |  |  |           `--Fomitopsis
   |  |  |                |--F. nivosa
   |  |  |                `--F. pinicola
   |  |  `--+--+--Pycnoporellus fulgens
   |  |     |  `--Auriporia aurea
   |  |     `--+--Parmastomyces transmutans
   |  |        `--+--+--Antrodia
   |  |           |  |    |--A. carbonica
   |  |           |  |    `--A. xantha
   |  |           |  `--+--Ischnoderma benzoinum
   |  |           |     `--Cyphella digitalis
   |  |           `--+--Amylocystis lapponica
   |  |              `--+--Oligoporus rennyi
   |  |                 `--+--Climacocystis
   |  |                    `--Postia
   |  |                         |--P. balsamea
   |  |                         `--P. leucomallela
   |  `--+--Diplomitoporus lindbladii
   |     `--+--Tyromyces
   |        |    |--T. albogilvus
   |        |    `--T. chioneus
   |        `--+--+--Laetiporus sulphureus
   |           |  `--Phaeolus schweinitzii
   |           `--+--+--‘Dendrocorticium’ sulphurellum
   |              |  `--Dendrodontia
   |              `--+--+--
   |                 |  `--+--Lenzites betulina
   |                 |     `--Junghunia subundata
   |                 `--+--+--+--‘Polyporus’ arcularius
   |                    |  |  `--Lentinus
   |                    |  |       |--L. crinitus
   |                    |  |       `--L. tigrinus
   |                    |  `--+--
   |                    |     `--Pycnoporus
   |                    |          |--P. cinnabarinus
   |                    |          `--P. sanguineus
   |                    `--+--
   |                       `--+--Grammothele fuligo
   |                          `--+--Daedaleopsis confragosa
   |                             `--+--Fomes
   |                                |    |--F. fasciatus
   |                                |    |--F. fomentarius
   |                                |    `--F. fraxineus
   |                                `--+--Cryptoporus volvatus
   |                                   `--Perenniporia
   |                                        |--P. inflexibilis
   |                                        |--P. martius
   |                                        `--P. medulla-panis
      |  |  |    |--H. polonense
      |  |  |    `--+--H. eichleri
      |  |  |       `--H. geogenium
      |  |  `--+--Abortiporus biennis
      |  |     `--Podoscyphaceae
      |  |          |--Podoscypha petalloides
      |  |          `--Caripia [incl. Hypolyssus Persoon 1825]
      |  |               `--‘*Hypolyssus’ undulatus Persoon 1825
      |  `--+--+--+--Panus rudis
      |     |  |  `--Spongipellis
      |     |  |       |--S. pachyodon
      |     |  |       `--S. unicolor
      |     |  `--Hyphoderma
      |     |       |--H. definitum
      |     |       |--H. nudicephalum
      |     |       `--H. setigerum
      |     `--+--Meripilus giganteus
      |        `--+--‘Albatrellus’ syringae
      |           `--+--Antrodiella
      |              |    |--A. hydrophila
      |              |    |--A. liebmannii
      |              |    `--A. romellii
      |              `--+--Junghuhnia nitida
      |                 `--+--Steccherinum fimbriatum
      |                    `--‘Phanerochaete’ sanguinea
      `--+--+--‘Candelabrochaete’ africana
         |  `--+--‘Phanerochaete’ chrysorhiza
         |     `--+--Scopuloides hydnoides
         |        `--Mycoacia
         |             |--M. fuscoatra
         |             `--+--+--M. aurea
         |                |  `--Phlebiella griseofulva
         |                `--+--‘Phlebia’ radiata
         |                   `--+--Climacodon septentrionalis
         |                      `--‘Candelabrochaete’ septocystidia
         `--+--Gelatoporia pannocincta
               |    |--G. frondosa
               |    `--G. sordulenta
               `--+--+--Phlebiopsis gigantea
                  |  `--+--+--Pulcherricium caeruleum
                  |     |  `--+--‘Sistotrema’ musicola
                  |     |     `--Phanerochaete
                  |     |          |--P. chrysosporium
                  |     |          `--P. sordida
                  |     `--+--Bjerkandera
                  |        |    |--B. adusta
                  |        |    `--B. fumosa
                  |        `--+--+--Sistotremastrum
                  |           |  `--Paullicorticium niveocremeum
                  |           `--+--Tubulicium vermiculare
                  |              `--+--Subulicystidium longisporum
                  |                 `--‘Hyphodontia’ gossypina
                  `--+--+--Lindtneria trachyspora
                     |  `--Ceraceomyces
                     |       |--C. eludens
                     |       `--C. microsporus
                     `--+--+--+--Cystidiodontia isabellina
                        |  |  `--Ceriporiopsis subvermispora
                        |  `--+--‘Phlebia’ albomellea
                        |     `--‘Ceraceomyces’ serpens
                           |  `--Gloeoporus
                           |       |--G. taxicola
                           |       `--G. thelephoroides
                                |--C. excelsa
                                |--C. purpurea
                                |--C. spissa
                                `--C. viridans

Phaeotrametes decipiens (Berk.) Wright 1966 [=Hexagonia decipiens, Osmoporus decipiens; incl. Trametes drummondii Cunningham 1950, Polyporus perparadoxus Spegazzini 1880, Polystictus perparadoxus (Spegazzini) Spegazzini 1921, Poria perparadoxa (Spegazzini) Spegazzini 1888]

* Type species of genus indicated

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Aime, M. C., T. W. Henkel & L. Ryvarden. 2003. Studies in neotropical polypores 15: New and interesting species from Guyana. Mycologia 95 (4): 614-619.

Binder, M., & D. S. Hibbett. 2002. Higher-level phylogenetic relationships of homobasidiomycetes (mushroom-forming fungi) inferred from four rDNA regions. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 22 (1): 76-90.

Hibbett, D. S., & M. Binder. 2002. Evolution of complex fruiting-body morphologies in homobasidiomycetes. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 269: 1963-1969.

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Lim, Y. W., & H. S. Jung. 2003. Irpex hydnoides, sp. nov. is new to science, based on morphological, cultural and molecular characters. Mycologia 95 (4): 694-699.

Popoff, O. F. 2003. Notes on Daedalea erubescens, Hexagonia decipiens and the Phaeotrametaceae. Mycotaxon 87: 103-108.

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Schüßler, A., D. Schwarzott & C. Walker. 2001. A new fungal phylum, the Glomeromycota: Phylogeny and evolution. Mycological Research 105 (12): 1413-1421.



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