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ARCHOSAUROMORPHA - Archosauromorpha, Archosauria (clade), Thecodontia (grade)
Taxonomy Phylogeny
o Sauria
`--o Archosauromorpha
                        `--o Archosauria
                           |--o Ornithodira
                           |  |--Pterosauria
                           |  `--Dinosauromorpha

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Range: Middle Triassic (Ladinian) to Late Triassic (Carnian).

Characters: Broad, low skull with small dorsal fenestra; no parietal (pineal) foramen or fossa [P93]; postorbital with strong, dorsally rugose, horizontal crest [S91]; foramina for internal carotids lateral to basipterygoid process [P93]; vertebral intercentra absent [S91] [P93]; primitive plate-like pelvis; calcaneal tuber with some posterior deviation from lateral projection [P93]; astragalar facets for tibia & fibula adjacent [S91]; calcaneal tuber taller than broad [P93]; calcaneal facet for fibula continuous with facet for distal tarsal IV [P93]; calcaneum with hemicylindrical facet for astragalus [P93]; dermal armor present [P93]; aquatic predators from West Gondwanaland.

References: Parrish (1993) [P93]; Sereno (1991) [S91].


List of species

  • Tropidosuchus romeri Arcucci, 1990
  • Cerritosaurus binsfeldi
  • Chanaresuchus bonapartei
  • Gualosuchus reigi
  • Proterochampsa barrionuevoi

(from Mikko's Phylogeny Archive)



ATW040118 Palaeos; this page MAK061023

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