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The Early Jurassic Epoch of the Jurassic Period
200 to 176 million years ago

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Moving now from the to the Early Jurassic, we find that the have attained dominance, while most of the other Triassic types of animals have died out in two major Triassic extinctions - the mid- and the terminal . Apart from one or two early types, the dinosaurs seem to have been unaffected by these extinction events.

As the Jurassic Period opened, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Iran were attached to the North African portion of . The climate was warm and moister than during the Triassic. were the dominant form of animal life and experienced a great adaptive radiation. In the oceans various types of and evolved. In the air the began to diversify. On land many Triassic dinosaurs ( herbivores and carnivores) continued, while a number of new forms (giant and armoured ) evolved. Under the feet of the dinosaurs rodent-like co-existed with primitive shrew-like and lizard-like reptiles. appeared also, but they were mostly aquatic forms.

During the early Jurassic then, evolution seems to have polarized: on the one hand there were the ruling land animals, the great dinosaurs, which filled the ecological roles now taken up by medium-sized and large mammals; on the other hand the first mammals had appeared, and together with the tritylodont therapsids they filled the small rodent and insectivore niche. The mammals were to remain small and individually insignificant - comparable to shrews, mice and rats of today - although doubtless very significant ecologically, for the 135 million years of the dinosaurs' reign.

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EpochAgeBase (Mya)Duration (Ma)
 Early Jurassic 
 (Liassic Epoch) 

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"During the Early Jurassic on the southern continents, floras came to resemble more closely those of the northern continents. Typically equatorial groups like and , along with dipteriaceous and matoniaceous , became more important components of the Gondwanan flora. Major differences between Jurassic floras of Gondwana and Laurasia included the relative paucity of and and the greater importance of in the southern regions, although podocarps are known from Laurasia as well."
, pp.349-352

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In the several million years following the Rhaetian extinction of the last armoured and great , a new dynasty of marine reptiles, consisting of new types of , and , and fish-eating crocodiles, quickly evolved and diversified.

The ichthyosaurs included a number of types of streamlined medium-sized (2 to 3 meter long) animals, similiar in size and appearance to modern , although their body-design and ectothermic metabolism indicates they were sprinters rather than endurance swimmers, and larger predatory types (family ), attaining 5 to 9 meters in length, and ecologically comparable to modern toothed whales.

The were another diverse group, including both small and giant forms. Foremost among them were the , large but primitive pliosaurs with powerful crocodile-like jaws and medium-length necks. Reaching upto 7 meters in length, these animals shared the role of top marine predator with the leptopterygiid ichthyosaurs. But already the plesiosaurs were beginning to evolve into the familiar long-necked small-headed Plesiosauroidea and the larger headed, short necked, streamlined Pliosauroidea that were to inhabit the oceans for the rest of the Mesozoic era.

The third party of Mesozoic marine reptiles, the crocodiles, appeared in a rapid evolutionary radiation only at the end of the early Jurassic (Toarcian epoch). They were to continue as a success story until the end of the Jurassic, but were less common during the Cretaceous, dying out early into the period.

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"Early Jurassic herbivorous tetrapod assemblages were dominated by prosauropods, , and a variety of mostly small dinosaurs. The latter included, in addition to the , the and the armored . The Heterodontosauridae were bipedal forms that foraged 1 meter above the ground. The skull was sturdily built and had a well-developed dentition with robust, closely spaced cheek with distinct wear facets along the length of the tooth row. These dinosaurs would have been capable of processing relatively tough plant material. The Selidosauridae were quadrupedal forms characterized by robust, leaf-shaped teeth with high-angle double wear facets. Their foraging range was probably within 1 meter above the ground. The were small to medium-sized, extremely mammal-like cynodont synapsids, which persisted well into the Middle Jurassic. They had multicuspid cheek teeth that met in complex occlusion and an extensive palinal power stroke, well suited for shredding fibrous plant material. These quadrupedal forms foraged within a meter above ground level. The structure of the shoulder girdle and forelimb suggests capability for digging, and wear on the enlarged incisors is consistent with digging for underground plant parts."
, pp.356-7

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With the Rhaetian extinction of the basal , the emerged as the top predators of their day. The first of the great dinosaurian carnivores, the dilophosaurs were active, graceful animals, easily able to tackle the contemporary prosauropods, , and scelidosaurs that made up the main herbivorous fauna of the times. The double crest on the top of the head was probably a sexual display device.


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