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A multi-authored Encyclopedia on the history of life on Earth


Due to a shift in focus to we intend to make this site read-only as of noon GMT on 12th November 2014. If you object to this please post on our Facebook page, or email 'verloren' at Google's email service.

Welcome to!

We're building what we hope will be the web's most comprehensive project on the history and evolution of life through time, and for that matter of the Earth as a whole. We'd love it if you'd sign up and join us! is an attempt to build upon the outstanding work done at by sharing the load - if you can't find what you're looking for here, please check out to see if it's there (and if it is, why not transfer it to the wiki!)



– Time
Κόσμος – The Universe


Γη – Earth
Βίος – Life
Λόγος – Mind

As the orientating diagrams of Palaeos, coloured menus will allow the visitor or wiki editor to navigate around the site, tracing the lineages of life, whether present-day organisms or the ultimate common ancestor over millions of years of time, drifiting continents and changing geographical features, and through the ecological interaction of every taxon with other organisms and its environment as a whole. And not just life but everything from inorganic features to the development of intelligence and human civilization (although the evolution of life will be the primary focus)

The above one is the basic starting navigation menu. As the site is developed, the menus will hopefully be standardised, throughout the site.

See also the Category Index page for a list of categories (more will be added as the site develops)

Contents The following list of contents and subject matter is still provisional at present. (The numbers here are purely arbitrary, and not intended as part of an indexing or reference system.) Unless feedback indicates otherwise, this long list of contents will probably be replaced by a shorter one with links five or however many main portal pages, with the finer-level topics will be subsections therein. With only a couple of exceptions, almost all pages here are still incomplete.

1 Xronos - Time (Category:Time)
1.1 Hadean
1.2 Archean
1.3 Proterozoic
1.4 Phanerozoic
1.4.1 Paleozoic
So far includes placeholder pages on: Cambrian; Ordovician; Silurian; Devonian; Carboniferous; Permian and a few secondary pages (most pages incomplete)
1.4.2 Mesozoic
1.4.3 Cenozoic
2 Ge - Earth (Category:Earth)
2.1 Geosphere / Geology
2.1.1 Plate Tectonics
2.1.2 Paleogeography
2.2 Ocean
2.3 Atmosphere
2.4 Climate
3 Bios - Life (Category:Life)
Biology; Evolution; Paleontology; Linnaean taxonomy; Cladistics;
3.1 Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA)
3.2 Archaea
3.3 Eubacteria
So far includes a number of mostly incomplete secondary pages and dendrograms
3.4 Eukarya (incl. "Protista")
Amoebozoa: So far includes a number pages and dendrograms (most pages incomplete)
3.4.1 Chlorobionta (Green Plants)
3.4.2 Fungi: So far includes a number of pages and dendrograms (most pages incomplete)
3.4.3 Metazoa (Multicelluar animals) Invertebrates
So far includes Archaeocyatha, Protostomia, Lophotrochozoa, Annelida, Platyzoa, Ecdysozoa, Scalidophora, Deuterostomia, Chordata (most pages incomplete) Vertebrates
So far includes Placodermi; Tetrapoda; Reptiliomorpha; Reptilia; Sauropsida; Sauria; Archosauromorpha; Synapsida (most pages incomplete)
4 Logos - Mind (Category:Mind)
4.1 Animal behavior and Sociobiology
4.2 Human and sociocultural evolution
A About Palaeos
B Art Gallery
C Resources
C.a Books
C.b Links
C.c Abbreviations used on Palaeos


Who we are

We're a bunch of diverse Palaeo enthusiasts who have decided to work together to create a huge encyclopaedia of the history of Life on Earth. And because a project like this is so ambitious, new contributors and contributions are most welcome!

Current contributors include (in alphabetical order): Andreas (Andreas Johansson); ATW (Toby White of Palaeos com), Bill, CKT (Christopher Taylor - phylogeny, various clades),Fang 23, JHM (John McDonnell - cephalopod evolution and phylogeny), MAK (M. Alan Kazlev - obsessive encyclopaedist), MM (Matthew Meischke), Paul Harris (Admin), Proxima Centauri, Stanton (Stanton F. Fink - artist), Roger Perkins and Rursus.

(Please add your name or initials and if you want a short description to the above list if you have contributed material. Also please sign your initials and the date (year-month-day) at the bottom of any new pages you have started, and any page where you have made major edits. This allows people to be acknowledged for their work.)


As a wiki, Palaeos org is able to be edited by anyone, and we encourage anyone who wishes to to get involved. This site will only be as good as people are willing to make it. The only request is that it was agreed that a policy of non-anonymity would be preferred, so if you do want to edit, you'll need to create an account and put your name to anything you do.

You don't necessarily have to know specialised topics in science to contribute, although if you do that is great too! See Contributing to Palaeos Wiki for some ways you can participate. Or just enjoy browsing through the growing number of pages already set up.

Editing in Wiki

If you are unfamiliar with wikis, please see the Help page which can be accessed from any page by the link on the navigation menu on the left.


Do you like the way Palaeos org is going? Or did you prefer the old Palaeos com? Are there any things you would like to see in this wiki? Or any thing you don't want to see? Give your thoughts on the talk pages, or write to me at akazlev (at) bigpond (dot) com.

credits: most recent update PICH100401

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