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– Time
Κόσμος – The Universe


Γη – Earth
Βίος – Life
Λόγος – Mind

Logos - Mind

Perhaps the most singularly amazing thing about the human mind is that you, yes you, sitting in your comfy computer chair, can be amazed about how amazing your mind is. That ten pounds of greyish gloop resting between your ears. Somehow the way all the little neurons and such connect together allows us to think, read, converse, experiment, and edit articles on Wikipedia. This can be said of nothing else that we know of. So what is it about our personal greyish gloop that gives us such wondrous powers? For millenia, humankind has believed in some sort of higher power, and in something called a soul. Whether such things are so is a different discussion for a different website. This is a place for hard fact and reasonable speculation, and the hard fact is that our minds are completely dependent on our greyish gloop. If our brains are injured in accidents, we do not function properly. Clearly, the gloop is not just some container for a higher, metaphysical entity, but an intrinsic part of our conciousness. So, this section dissertating the human mind is divided into several subsections: the brain (our greyish gloop), conciousness (our perceptions and our self-perception), language (how seperate conciousnesses exchange information), and anthropogenesis (how our particular breed of organism evolved).

Anthropogenesis | Behaviour | Brain | Consciousness | Culture | Civilization | Instinct | Intelligence | Language | Memetics | Noosphere | Philosophy | Psychology | Science | Society | Tool use | Xenology

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