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Parent taxa:
(check the following menu and phylogeny - the taxon in bold refers to the topic on this page)

Taxonomy Phylogeny


  • :
  • Suborder:
  • Suborder: cheap price viagra
   |== [paraphyletic?]
   |--Antiacodon [Antiacodontidae]
   |--Homacodon [Homacodontidae]
         |--Bunomeryx (Bunomerycidae)
            `--cheap price viagra


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cheap price viagra

this section is copied from

The suborder Ruminantia includes many of the well-known large grazing or browsing : among them , , , , and . All members of the Ruminantia are : they digest food in two steps, chewing and swallowing in the normal way to begin with, and then regurgitating the semi-digested to re-chew it and thus extract the maximum possible food value.

Note that not all ruminants belong to the Ruminantia. and are among the exceptions. Also, there are a number of other large grazing mammals that, while not strictly ruminants, have similar adaptations for surviving on large quantities of low-grade food. and are examples.

(The following menu and phylogeny refers to subtopics of this page)

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Taxonomy Phylogeny

: cheap price viagra

  • :
  • Infraorder:
`--cheap price viagra
   `-- [paraphyletic]
         `--+-Bachitherium [Bachitheriidae]

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Stratigraphic Range: from the Eocene ? Early Oligocene?

Phylogeny: Selenodontia : Camelidae + * : Giraffoidea + (Bovoidea + Cervoidea).

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: usually with horns; lower incisor-like; long ; absent on upper jaw; stomach four-chambered & complex; fused into single, elongated .

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   |  i. s.: Merycodus Leidy 1854
   |           `--M. sabulonis
   |         Amphimeryx [Amphimerycidae]
   |         Archaeomeryx [Archaeomerycidae]
   |    |--Hypertragulidae [Hypertraguloidea]
   |    |    |--Hypertragulus
   |    |    `--Simimeryx
   |    |--Leptomeryx [Leptomerycidae]
   |    |--
   |    `--Gelocus [Gelocidae]
   |         `--G. whitworthi Hamilton 1973
   `-- [Eupecora]
        |--+--Antilocaprinae [Antilocapridae]
        |  |    |--Alticornis
        |  |    `--Antilocapra americana
        |  |         |--A. a. americana
        |  |         |--A. a. mexicana
        |  |         |--A. a. peninsularis
        |  |         `--A. a. sonoriensis
        |  `--
             |  i. s.: Hispanomeryx
             |         Ligeromeryx
             |         Stephanocemas
             |  |--
             |  `--Lagomerycidae
             |       |--Lagomeryx
             |       `--Procervulus Gaudry 1878
             `--+--Moschus [Moschidae, Moschinae]
                |    |--M. berezovskii
                |    |--M. chrysogaster
                |    |--M. moschiferus
                |    `--M. sifanicus
                `--+--Hoplitomeryx [Hoplitomerycidae]

Inorganic: Moschus moshipus minilorientalus Okamura 1987

* Type species of genus indicated

cheap price viagra

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<a href="">APUS.RU</a> (Russian); <a href="">Ungulata- Wiederkäuer - Ruminantia,</a> (German); <a href="">ruminantia page</a>; <a href="">EVOLUTIONARY CONSEQUENCES OF THE RADIATION OF THE RUMINANTIA ( ...</a>; <a href="">Ruminantia after Janis, 1987, Norris, 2000 and Vislobokova & ...</a>; <a href="">Foto-album- Ruminantia</a>; <a href="">Wiederkäuer</a> (German); <a href="">BM Ursing - abstracts</a>; <a href="">Sub-Unit- Suborder Ruminantia</a>; <a href="">Giraffens utveckling - Mimers Brunn</a> (Swedish). 

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  • (introduction)
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