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16:33, 26 September 20060004aw6p.jpg (file)Stanton658 KB (Two acanthothoracid placoderms, Murrindalaspis wallacei and Brindabellaspis stensioi of Taemas-Wee Jasper, from Early Devonian Australia. )1
04:07, 18 June 201012345.JPG (file)AssaSom1 KB 1
03:52, 18 December 2008250px-AntarcticaDomeCSnow.jpg (file)Fang 235 KB (From wikipedia)1
08:29, 10 October 2006300px-Archaeocyatha.png (file)Bill51 KB 1
12:28, 12 January 2008325px-Cambrianmap_svg.png (file)Fang 2331 KB (Better version of the cambrian era map i made at wikipedia. This version was made by Rursus at wikipedia. [])1
13:43, 11 December 2011340moll.jpg (file)Yogi15 KB (Mississippian World 340 mya. Credit Ron Blakey, Colorado Plateau Geosystems, Inc.)1
22:46, 18 January 2010500px-Extinction_intensity.svg.png (file)Jcwf21 KB (This is a 500px .png version of a .svg file from wiki commons. Copied and released under GNU/FDL and Creative Commons {{Wiki-information |Description=A hand made lookalike for '''User:Dragons flight's''' PNG image Image:Extinction Intensity.png at en)1
18:12, 10 January 2010549px-Indian_Ocean_bathymetry_srtmB.png (file)Jcwf612 KB (This image is a modified version of an image originally uploaded by User:Cdc at under the licences GNU/FDL and Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 The uploader is the editor)1
17:37, 10 January 2010582px-Kerguelen-pos.png (file)Jcwf54 KB (This image was originally uploaded by User:varp at under the licences: :GNU/FDL and Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 )1
21:35, 21 September 2007596px-Hubble_ultra_deep_field.jpg (file)Fang 23161 KB (==Source== [] This file is in the public domain because it was created by NASA. NASA copyright policy states that "NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted". (NASA copy)1
00:07, 1 February 2010660px-Thylacosmilus_Atrox.jpg (file)Jcwf85 KB ({{Wiki-Information |Description=Thylacosmilus Atrox, American Museum of Natural History, 4 million years ago, a saber-toothed marsupial meat eater from South America. |Source=[ Thylacosmilus Atrox] |Date)1
07:27, 10 January 2014800px-Dunkleosteus_interm1DB.jpg (file)Arctodus2328 KB 1
17:37, 17 January 2010800px-Pelagornis.jpg (file)Jcwf61 KB (From wikimedia commons, originally from Flickr {{Wiki-Information |Description=Replica of a ''Pelagornis'' skeleton at the NMNH |Source=[ Prehistoric Flyer] * Uploaded by FunkMonk |Dat)1
02:28, 14 May 2007800px-Spam_with_cans.jpg (file)Fang 2373 KB (spam with cans)1
21:48, 20 January 2009A.afarensis.jpg (file)Andreas46 KB (Public domain image from Wikipedia)1
18:27, 27 December 2008Abelisaur.jpg (file)Fang 2348 KB (Head of Abelisaurus, artwork courtesy of Frank DeNota, reproduced with permission from
04:02, 1 November 2007Acanthaster_planci.jpg (file)Christopher684 KB ((from [ Wikimedia] *'''Description:''' Crown-of-thorns starfish (''Acanthaster planci''). Koh Similan, Boulder City, Thailand. *'''Source:'''
07:14, 16 February 2007Acanthostega.jpg (file)M alan kazlev16 KB (The Devonian basal tetrapod ''Acanthostega gunnari'' Author: Arthur Weasley Date: Jan 21, 2007 License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License URL (Wikipedia):
04:24, 14 October 2006Adiantum_pedatum.jpg (file)M alan kazlev59 KB (''Adiantum pedatum'', five-finger fern, Hawk Woods, Athens, Ohio GNU Free Documentation License,
05:55, 29 December 2006Aepyornis_maximus_stanton.jpg (file)Stanton905 KB (An ''Aepyornis maximus'' snacking in a ''Nepenthes'' pitcher plant bush, while a pair of ''Archaeolemur edwardsi'' lemurs scavenge beneath it. (C) Stanton F. Fink)2
00:07, 20 February 2007Aglaspis_spinifer_stanton.JPG (file)Stanton380 KB (The (relatively) large creature in the lower left corner is the (relatively) monstrous, 4-inch long ''Aglaspis spinifer'', one of the better known species of an obscure group of Cambrian horseshoe crab-like chelicerates called "Aglaspida," dat)1
03:58, 17 October 2006Alaska_Floodplain_1902.jpg (file)M alan kazlev293 KB (Looking up river (glacial) showing gravel flood plain. Snow Mountains in background. Alaska. August 10, 1902. License: Public domain URL: )1
04:24, 28 October 2006Albumares_brunsae.JPG (file)Stanton296 KB (My reconstruction of the trilobozoan ''Albumares brunsae'', and the suspected proto-echinoderm ''Arkarua'' (C) Stanton F. Fink)1
15:30, 19 July 2011Allosaurus.jpg (file)John Troodon37 KB (Allosaurus, a big theropod )1
06:33, 30 October 2006AlveolateCladogram.gif (file)Christopher10 KB (Cladogram of alveolate relationships suggested by Siddall ''et al.'', 2001)1
06:29, 30 October 2006AlveolateMorphotype.gif (file)Christopher16 KB (Suggested basal alveolate morphotype from Siddall ''et al.'', 2001)1
23:26, 4 October 2006Amanita_muscaria.jpg (file)M alan kazlev98 KB (Amanita muscaria near Tyndrum, Scotland. Picture by Tim Bekaert, Sep 20, 2005. Public domain. original url )1
16:33, 22 July 2007Amphiaspida_01.JPG (file)Stanton2.44 MB (Various amphiaspid heterostracans, and the benneviaspid osteostracan ''Tauraspis rara'' (red horned bugger) from Early to Mid Devonian Siberia, back when the Gulag Archipelago really was an archipelago... Clockwise, from upper righ)1
16:25, 22 July 2007Amphiaspida_02.JPG (file)Stanton639 KB (Various amphiaspids from Devonian Siberia, as well as the poraspid cyathaspid ''Liliaspis philipovae'' (top yellow), which is sometimes mistaken for an amphiaspid. Counterclockwise from the upper left corner: ''Putoranaspis prima'')1
16:29, 22 July 2007Amphiaspida_03.JPG (file)Stanton485 KB (Various amphiaspid heterostracans, and the benneviaspid osteostracan ''Tauraspis rara'' (red horned bugger) from Early to Mid ''Devonian'' Siberia, back when the Gulag Archipelago really was an archipelago... Clockwise, from left: )1
16:26, 22 July 2007Amphiaspida_04.JPG (file)Stanton467 KB (Various amphiaspid heterostracans, and the benneviaspid osteostracan ''Tauraspis rara'' (red horned bugger) from Early to Mid Devonian Siberia, back when the Gulag Archipelago really was an archipelago... Clockwise, from upper righ)1
12:23, 21 September 2006Amphiaspida_Stanton.jpg (file)Stanton456 KB (Three amphiaspid heterostracans from Devonian Siberia)1
16:44, 22 July 2007Amphiaspis_argos.JPG (file)Stanton304 KB (''Amphiaspis argos'')1
20:17, 6 January 2007Amphiplaga.jpg (file)Bob Snip62 KB (Amphiplaga brachyptera Order Percopsiformes, Family Percopsidae Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming 4.5 inches long)1
09:42, 1 October 2006Anabaena_sperica.jpg (file)M alan kazlev12 KB (''Anabaena sperica'', a filamentous cyanobacterium. Photo by released by [ Dr. Ralf Wagner] Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the [
00:31, 17 February 2007Anataphrus-vigilans-1024.jpg (file)RogerPerkins103 KB (Homotelus florencevillensis)1
04:40, 25 October 2006Anchisaurus.jpg (file)M alan kazlev31 KB (The very primitive basal sauropod ''Anchisaurus'' License: Public domain)1
20:39, 8 September 2012Ancistroceras_scanned.jpg (file)John M13 KB (Posterior section of Ancistroceras scanned from Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, K,1964 Lituitidae, Tarphycerida. )1
06:09, 29 December 2006Andrewsarchus_mongoliensis_stanton.jpg (file)Stanton465 KB (A cow and calf of the giant mesonychid, ''Andrewsarchus mongoliensis'', feeding on a brontothere carcass. (C) Stanton F. Fink)1
04:19, 28 October 2006Anfesta_stankovskii_Stanton.JPG (file)Stanton159 KB (My reconstruction of the trilobozoan ''Anfesta stankovskii'' (C) Stanton F. Fink)1
16:44, 22 July 2007Angaraspis_urvantzevi.JPG (file)Stanton299 KB (''Angaraspis urvantzevi'')1
11:04, 29 January 2009Annie_Darwin.jpg (file)Hendricus24 KB (source:
07:30, 6 December 2006Anteosaurus.jpg (file)M alan kazlev46 KB (''Anteosaurus magnificus'' dining on ''Struthiocephalus kitchingi'' Illustration © Stephen Priestley
06:09, 16 February 2007Anteosaurus_AW.jpg (file)M alan kazlev17 KB (''Anteosaurus'', a Permian dinocephalian from South Africa Author: Arthur Weasley Date Feb 6, 2007 License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License URL (Wikipedia): )1
05:05, 24 October 2006Apatosaurus_ajax_Stanton.jpg (file)Stanton809 KB (My reconstruction of ''Apatosaurus ajax'' swimming across a river. (c) Stanton F. Fink)1
16:48, 22 July 2007Aphataspis_kiaeri.JPG (file)Stanton186 KB (''Aphataspis kiaeri'')1
16:41, 26 February 2007Arandaspis_prionotolepis.jpg (file)Stanton172 KB (My reconstruction of the Ordovician fish, ''Arandaspis prionotolepis'', of Australia. (C) Stanton F. Fink )1
11:47, 8 March 2007Araucaria_heterophylla.jpg (file)M alan kazlev78 KB ('''Description:''' Norfolk Island Pine (''Araucaria heterophylla'') '''Location:''' Near the beach at Murramarang National Park, South Durras, New South Wales, Australia '''Date:''' 2005-09-24 '''Source:''' picture taken by Danielle Langlois '''Li)1
09:23, 13 November 2006Archaean-txt.png (file)Rursus2 KB 1
04:41, 26 September 2007Archaeocyatha.JPG (file)Stanton549 KB (Various archaeocyathans Counterclockwise, from the upper left corner, <I>Coscinoptycta zunyiensis, Kotuyicyathus debilis, Tumuliolynthus musatovi, Beltanacyathus digitus, Fransuasaecyathus novus, Orbicyathus mongolicus,</i> Center, <I>Paranacyathus g)1

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