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I am interested in the natural sciences ( especially geology, paleontology, and evolutionary biology).  I criticize pseudoscience and religion. I'm an athiest and secular humanist. I support the scientific method and my basic philosphy is I require evidence to believe it. I simplify my articles.
This user is an atheist, representative of the minority of people (along with agnostics, deists, religious and secular humanists) who realize that religion is not necessary for your everyday life, has no INFLUENCE on people, people don't follow their '''magic books''' in the first world anyways, so why [[creationism|waste your time]] defending something you don't even use in your life? Creationism has no predictive utility, any so called "creation scientists" are scamming you. Creationism is obviously wrong, has no predictive utility (unlike [[common descent]]), creationists don't '''even''' use creationism in their lives, they use science. So [ stop bickering] and come to reason.

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