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  • Age: Old enough to know better than to answer a question like this
  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Yes Please
  • Sexual Orientation: I like chicks
  • Religion: I'll believe it when I see it
  • Nationality: Earthling
  • Species: Hetero sapiens
  • Political Affliation: Anyone who does not belong to the Republican Party of the United States or the Liberal Party of Canada, two of the most corrupt regimes in the free world.
  • Favourite TV Show: Trailer Park Boys

Quotes from Uncle J

  • Old enough to drive old enough to be driven (An argument for raising the age of consent to 16 rather than 14)
  • Old enough to get paid, old enough to get laid (Another argument for making the age of consent 16 because you need to be 16 to work in most provinces)
  • Straight until proven gay (a play on innocent until proven guilty)
  • Are you staying at the Rico Suave (Rocco Forte)
  • We've been in Queer all night (cue)
  • I want a fucking Cyrus radio (Sirius)
  • I don't like staying at the Paris Hilton, its too small and there isn't enough ball room
  • Anal sex is shitty
  • He's a biped (short form for bisexual pedophile, a play on words because biped also means two legged animal)
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